December 2021

Running Warehouse, LLC Data Breach

Last Updated on May 9, 2024

In December 2021, Sports Warehouse sent notice of a data breach that exposed the private information of more than 1.8 million customers. If your info was compromised, you may be able to take legal action to collect money for the harm you’ve suffered.
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At A Glance

What's Going On?
Attorneys need to hear from people affected by the Running Warehouse and related data breaches to take legal action via mass arbitration.
What You Can Do
If you were affected by the breach, fill out this quick form to sign up today. Though there are no guarantees, those who sign up may be entitled to hundreds of dollars.
What Am I Signing Up for, Exactly?
You are signing up for what’s known as mass arbitration, which is different from a class action and involves hundreds or thousands of consumers filing individual arbitration claims against the same company at the same time.
Does This Cost Anything?
It costs nothing to sign up, and the attorneys will only get paid if they win your claim.

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