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ClassAction.org is a group of online professionals who are committed to exposing corporate wrongdoing and giving consumers the tools they need to fight back. We've been reporting on the legal space for nearly a decade and have built relationships with class action and mass tort attorneys across the country.

On our blog, you'll find breaking news and shrewd opinion as we cover the major litigation and legislation that affects consumers' rights.

Our lawsuit list covers active litigation and investigations into corporate misconduct based on both intel we've gathered from the lawyers we work with and publically available information.

Our settlements list is constantly updated to ensure consumers get what they are owed when the litigation is over.

There's information on our site you won't find anywhere else. We're committed to integrity and honesty. If you see something on the site that you think shouldn't be there or have more information on something, leave a comment or drop us a line at staff@classaction.org.

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Are you guys a law firm?

No. We're a group of designers, writers and developers. This means that we can't give you legal advice (according to the law, only a licensed attorney can give you legal advice), but we will give you as much help as we can.

Is my information kept private?

The only thing we will do with the information you provide us is send it to the attorneys we work with so that you can take legal action or get help. Like any other legitimate company, we will never sell your information.

Can you help me start a class action that isn't on the site?

That is at the discretion of the lawyers we send your information to. We think it's fair to say they are usually more open to allegations that are already on their radar rather than new ideas for potential class action lawsuits, but we encourage you to fill out a form anyway. If you don't hear from anyone and you still think you have a case, we always recommend that you speak to a local attorney.

What happens after I contact you?

Your information will be forwarded to one of the attorneys we work with. Someone at the firm may then reach out to you. If a law firm contacts you, they may need more information. You should receive an e-mail within 24-48 hours with an update on your inquiry.

Have more questions or concerns? Shoot us an e-mail at staff@classaction.org.