Tara Nagel

Tara has been working in the editorial department of ClassAction.org for seven years. She started as a junior writer and blogger for the website and is now in charge of all editorial decisions. Over the past several years, she has edited the work of nearly a half dozen writers to ensure content falls in line with the site's mission: to present sometimes overly complex legal content in an easy-to-understand manner so that consumers can understand and assert their legal rights. She is passionate about seeing negligent corporations, employers and drug companies held accountable when their actions - or lack thereof - cause harm to the public.

Before working at ClassAction.org, Tara worked as a marketing assistant for a prominent reverse merger law firm in New York City and wrote personal injury content for lawyers across the country. Her background has allowed her to develop an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of multiple areas of law, including class action and mass tort lawsuits.

Tara has a B.A. in public relations from Rowan University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. In her spare time, Tara likes to read, bake and go to concerts.

Featured Posts by Tara

Nov 3, 2015
What You Need To Know

The Case Against Essure: Is the Tide Turning?

It's been nearly a year since we last blogged about Essure, a permanent birth control device that has reportedly caused serious injuries for thousands of women across the country. In the post, we detailed how a legal doctrine known as "federal preemption" has left women who say they were… More

May 30, 2014
What You Need To Know

Faux-Natural: A Visual Guide to "Natural Food" Lawsuits

Here at ClassAction.org, we've been paying close attention to a new wave of litigation. Recently, a number of popular food and drink manufacturers have been hit with class action lawsuits… More

Apr 23, 2014
Labor & Employment

Insomniac Lawsuit: What's the Problem with Recruiting Unpaid Volunteers?

Last month, Live Nation and Insomniac were hit with a putative class action lawsuit alleging the companies broke federal and California labor laws when recruiting unpaid volunteers… More

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