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Product Liability

Nov 18, 2016
Product Liability

Beneful Dog Food Lawsuit Meets Its End

According to a lawsuit filed in February 2015, Purina PetCare's Beneful dry dog food harmed dogs instead of nourishing them. Yesterday, that case was dismissed when a California federal judge found that the pet owners behind the suit failed to prove that the dog food was unsafe.… More

Oct 26, 2016
Product Liability

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Sony PlayStation 4 Disc Drive Problem

by Corrado Rizzi

Complaints and reports about PlayStation 4 (PS4) defects have quietly but consistently made their rounds on Internet message boards, popular tech sites and even Sony's own website for some time. Now, a class action lawsuit has been against Sony Interactive Entertainment, Inc. over one such defect.… More

Aug 26, 2016
Product Liability

Lumber Liquidators in Hot Water Again, Formaldehyde Claims Still Pending

There seems to be a trend in litigation lately: Lumber Liquidators just can't keep itself out of the courtroom. First, it was the formaldehyde issue. Now, the company is finding itself in hot water amidst allegations that its Chinese-made Dream Home flooring is "defective" and "substandard."… More

May 5, 2016
Product Liability

GM Sued Over Possible Camaro Airbag Defect

On Tuesday, General Motors was hit with a proposed class action claiming that its 2010-2011 Chevrolet Camaros contain a defect that doesn't allow the front, passenger-side airbags to deploy when they should.… More

Apr 19, 2016
Product Liability

Porsche Hit with Lawsuit Over Alternator Defect

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Porsche Cars North America, Inc. alleging that some of the company's cars are defective and pose a "significant safety risk." According to the lawsuit, the alternator cables in the 2005-2008 Porsche 911 vehicles can malfunction.… More

Feb 19, 2016
Product Liability

Johnson & Johnson Hit With $4.4 Million Transvaginal Mesh Verdict

Johnson & Johnson will pay $4.4 million as a part of a transvaginal mesh verdict handed down on Thursday. The jury found that a defective design in Mentor Worldwide’s (a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary) ObTape sling led to the plaintiff’s recurring infections and incontinence. The verdict awarded $400,000 to the plaintiff, while the other $4 million intends to punish Mentor Worldwide – and hopefully dissuade other companies from conducting themselves similarly.

Feb 11, 2016
Product Liability

Johnson & Johnson Hit with $13.5 Million Verdict in TVM Trial

Johnson & Johnson is set to pay $13.5 million as a part of a verdict in a case that claimed it sold pelvic mesh implants that were not practically safe. The lawsuit claimed that the plaintiff suffered from constant pain and discomfort due to the allegedly faulty product. The jury agreed with statements that the plaintiff’s physician would not have used or recommended the product if he was aware of its risks. 

Feb 5, 2016
Product Liability

Continental Automotive Systems Recalls Defective Airbags

Continental Automotive Systems announced a recall of 5 million airbags due to an alleged defect. The recalled airbags were installed over the last five years in Honda, Fiat Chrysler, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Mazda vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the defect can cause the electrical systems in the airbags to corrode, making the airbags either deploy without warning or fail to deploy altogether.

Feb 4, 2016
Product Liability

Chrysler Recalls Dodge Tire Chocks

Fiat Chrysler has decided to voluntarily recall of all tire chocks, which are meant to immobilize wheels during maintenance, in close to 441,000 Dodge sedans. The recall comes after Chrysler learned of three minor injuries in people who didn’t place the chocks according to the instruction manual while performing tire changes. 

Feb 1, 2016
Product Liability

Nissan Recalls More Altimas with Faulty Hood Latches

Nissan is set to recall an additional 846,000 Altimas staring in mid-February due to a defect in the cars’ secondary hood latch. According to the recall, the latches contain a defect that makes them more susceptible to corrosion, a problem that could cause them to get stuck in the “open” position. If this happens, any failure of the primary latch could cause the hood to fly open while the car is in motion. After a previous recall designed to re-coat the defective latches failed, Nissan issued this recall to replace the latches altogether, at no cost to their customers.  


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