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Important Rulings

Jun 16, 2017
Important Rulings

Breaking Down FL Judge's Landmark ADA-Website Decision Against Winn-Dixie

by Corrado Rizzi

A federal judge in Florida this week ruled in favor of a blind Miami man who alleged in a 2016 class action lawsuit that Southeastern supermarket and pharmacy chain Winn-Dixie's website was not in compliance with Title III of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).… More

May 31, 2016
Important Rulings

Where's The Harm in That? Supreme Court Rules on Class Action Injuries

Class action lawsuits, by their nature, work best when the issue at stake is one that would be hard to fight on a case-by-case basis. If a company makes a product that poisons you, it makes sense to file an individual lawsuit.… More

Jan 29, 2016
Important Rulings

A Good Day: Supreme Court Rules Settlement Offer Doesn't Moot Suits

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that settlement offers made to individual plaintiffs can't be used to dismiss consumer lawsuits. That might not sound like much, but it's an important clarification at a time when companies are increasingly eager to avoid class action lawsuits.… More

Jan 21, 2016
Important Rulings

Court Ruling: Individual Settlements Can't Invalidate Consumer Lawsuits

On Wednesday, a Supreme Court ruling determined that companies can’t nullify class action claims by simply offering full relief to an individual plaintiff. The court ruled in favor of a plaintiff who refused to drop a TCPA case when offered such a deal. Previously, courts had ruled that when a single plaintiff had received compensation for any alleged wrong doing, the plaintiff could no longer seek compensation on behalf of the class they represented. 

Nov 12, 2015
Important Rulings

Hold Up, Experian Case Halts for Spokeo Decision

In our fascinating legal world, there are times when even judges do not know what the just ruling should be. Whether a lawsuit brings up points previously unexplored or an overarching standard has yet to be set, some cases need to be put on hold for the sake of consistency.… More

Aug 28, 2015
Important Rulings

Giving Out Your Number Counts as Express Consent, Judges Rule

Ever since changes were brought in a couple of years ago, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has required express consent by consumers before companies can contact them. The revamped laws don't just ban cold-calling, but instead impose a duty on companies to ensure they're only… More

May 5, 2015
Important Rulings

Actos Suits To Cost Takeda More than $2.4 Billion

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd announced last week it has agreed to settle the 'vast majority' of Actos lawsuits, to the tune of $2.4 billion.… More

Apr 28, 2015
Important Rulings

First Ruling in Zoloft Trial Questions Birth Defect Link

The first Zoloft jury ruling is here - and it's bad news for the plaintiffs.… More

Sep 10, 2014
Important Rulings

Are Facebook 'Likes' Property?

Web presence is becoming more and more valuable as a way to engage with people at all levels – and this is just as true for brands, such as TV shows, as it is for larger companies.… More

Jul 18, 2014
Important Rulings

GAF Reaches Tentative Settlement with Customers, Avoids Trial

GAF Materials Corporation announced this week that a tentative agreement has been reached to resolve lawsuits over its allegedly defective shingles.… More


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