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Simon Clark

Originally from Britain, Simon worked for three years as an English teacher in Japan, before moving to the United States in 2011. Prior to taking up the position of Staff Writer at, Simon worked as a freelance writer specializing in business and international culture. He has a B.A. (honors) in English Literature and works as a children's author in his spare time.

Featured Posts by Simon

May 9, 2017
What You Need To Know

Is This Dunkin' Donuts Butter Lawsuit Just a Waste of Time?

Here's a simple question: when you buy something, do you expect to get what you've paid for? Should products be correctly labeled and advertised? The answer – of course – is yes. A waiter can't bring you pizza instead of pasta "because they're basically the same."… More

Feb 14, 2017
What You Need To Know

The More You Know: Extended Overdraft Fees See Banks Hit With New Lawsuits

It seems like only yesterday that banks across the country were facing class action lawsuits for manipulating customers' transaction orders to maximize overdraft fees.… More

Dec 19, 2016
What You Need To Know

Objector Blackmail Casts Shadow Over Settlement Process

"Bad-faith" objectors to class action settlements are reportedly causing problems by lodging vexatious complaints and extracting payoffs from lawyers eager to make them go away.… More

Nov 9, 2016
Environmental Hazards

VW Emissions Scandal: How Did It All Go Down?

Last month, a federal judge in California gave final approval to a $14.7 billion settlement in the much-publicized Volkswagen emissions scandal case. The settlement, made with consumers and federal investigators, requires the company to set aside at least $10 billion to buy back cars from consumers.… More

Oct 5, 2016
Labor & Employment

When Is a Manager Not a Manager?

If Shakespeare's to be believed, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. It's a nice idea, but a lousy principle – especially when it comes to work. Job titles matter: they help boost your resume and show your climb up the ranks.… More

Sep 13, 2016
Labor & Employment

Can I Be Fired for Discussing Wages at Work?

Can a company impose rules banning employees from sharing wage and salary information? What if you talk about it anyway – is that a reason to be let go?… More

Jul 22, 2016
What You Need To Know

Class Actions That Changed the Way You Work Out

The case highlights the role class action lawsuits play in shaping how fitness gadgets are made and sold – and, not to mention, the wider role of lawsuits in changing how we work and play.… More

May 31, 2016
Important Rulings

Where's The Harm in That? Supreme Court Rules on Class Action Injuries

Class action lawsuits, by their nature, work best when the issue at stake is one that would be hard to fight on a case-by-case basis. If a company makes a product that poisons you, it makes sense to file an individual lawsuit.… More

Apr 22, 2016
What You Need To Know

Trouble 'In Store' for Retailers as They Face Questions Over Prices

When is a bargain actually a bargain? There's a lot more to that question than you'd expect. Outlet stores across America have found themselves in legal hot water after shoppers complained that they were misled about the value of goods found in outlet stores.… More

Mar 29, 2016
What You Need To Know

Are Cartoons in Drug Ads a Good Idea?

The United States, along with New Zealand, is one of only two countries in the world that allows direct-to-consumer marketing for medications and drugs. What's more, drug companies have gotten good at it.… More

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