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Labor and Employment

Feb 22, 2017
Labor & Employment

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Coca-Cola Discriminates for Management Jobs

by Corrado Rizzi

A Hispanic Connecticut man claims in a proposed class action lawsuit that The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England, Inc. applies a preference for white employees over non-white employees for company management jobs.… More

Feb 14, 2017
Labor & Employment

Uniformed Service Pilots Sue Delta Over 'Anti-Military Corporate Culture'

by Corrado Rizzi

Four uniformed service pilots have filed a proposed class action lawsuit that claims defendant Delta Air Lines, Inc., as part of an alleged "anti-military corporate culture," engages in a wide-ranging, systemic pattern of harassment against pilots with military service obligations.… More

Feb 9, 2017
Labor & Employment

Class Action Trend Watch – New York City Restaurant Workers' Wage Rights

by Corrado Rizzi

Many restaurant workers—particularly those employed by one of New York City's 45,000-plus eateries—are unaware that their employer may be robbing them of their rightful wages.… More

Oct 5, 2016
Labor & Employment

When Is a Manager Not a Manager?

If Shakespeare's to be believed, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. It's a nice idea, but a lousy principle – especially when it comes to work. Job titles matter: they help boost your resume and show your climb up the ranks.… More

Sep 13, 2016
Labor & Employment

Can I Be Fired for Discussing Wages at Work?

Can a company impose rules banning employees from sharing wage and salary information? What if you talk about it anyway – is that a reason to be let go?… More

Jul 25, 2016
Labor & Employment

Can I Get Fired for a Facebook (or any Social Media) Post?

by Patrick Hanan

Every U.S. state except MT has what's known as an "at-will" employment rule. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, this rule says that "an employer can terminate an employee at any time for any reason, except an illegal one, or for no reason without incurring legal liability."… More

Jul 21, 2016
Labor & Employment

Life Time Fitness Under Fire, Group Instructors Sue

As you can probably imagine, most folk like to be paid for the work they do. Well, the workers at Life Time Fitness are no exception.… More

Mar 11, 2016
Labor & Employment

Taco Bell Workers Win Wage and Hour Suit

Taco Bell is set to pay $496,000 to resolve a class action that claimed it failed to properly pay its workers for missed meal breaks. The jury sided with the workers, finding that Taco Bell was responsible for paying for the full hour of each worker’s missed meal break instead of just the 30 minutes they had been paying.

Feb 11, 2016
Labor & Employment

Lawsuit: Kroger Co. Denied Appropriate OT Pay to Recruiters

Kroger Co. has been hit with a proposed class action claiming that it failed to pay its in-house recruiters proper overtime wages. According to the lawsuit, Kroger violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by intentionally misclassifying its recruiters as exempt. Class certification in this case would allow plaintiffs to seek compensation for themselves and close to 200 other recruiters. 

Feb 11, 2016
Labor & Employment

Burger King Unlawfully Retaliates Against Striking Workers

Burger King was ordered, by a National Labor Relations Board judge, to repeal its disciplinary measures toward striking workers who found the measures the fast-food chain took to be unlawful. The strike in question took place in Kansas City last April. Six workers who participated in the strike were asked to re-apply for their positions and one man, who had strong ties to the committee that organized the strike, was not rehired. Burger King claimed that he wasn’t rehired because of a history of tardiness and misconduct, but the judge said that the reasoning wasn’t convincing. 


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