DevaCurl Maker Hit with Lawsuits Over Hair Loss, Scalp Irritation

Last Updated on January 10, 2022

Investigation Complete

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Case Update

January 5, 2022 – Settlement Receives Final Approval
September 14, 2021 – Settlement Website Is Live
July 28, 2021 - $5.2 Million Settlement Reached
January 6, 2021 – Cases Consolidated, Parties Intend to Mediate
August 3, 2020 – Investigation Closed, Lawsuits Continue

At A Glance

This Alert Affects:
Anyone who purchased and used a DevaCurl product and experienced hair loss, scalp irritation or other side effects.
What’s Going On?
Multiple class action lawsuits have been filed alleging the maker of DevaCurl knew about the harm its haircare products could cause, yet failed to issue a recall or warn consumers. Attorneys working with have now opened an investigation into the issue and want to hear from DevaCurl customers to potentially file lawsuits of their own.
How Can a Class Action Help?
A successful class action lawsuit could provide consumers with refunds for the products they purchased, as well as money for medical care and/or professional haircare treatments required to deal with their injuries. Deva Concepts could also be forced to recall its products and change its marketing.