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Call Center Agent Claims Yelp Owes Unpaid Off-the-Clock Wages

Yelp, Inc. is facing a proposed collective and class action out of California alleging the company has not paid its call center agents for all hours worked, specifically for up to approximately 30 minutes of daily pre- and post-shift time spent booting up computers, logging into required software, and reviewing work emails. The plaintiff, who worked full-time at Yelp’s Scottsdale, Arizona call center from February 2015 through March 2017, claims the company, on top of its alleged pre- and post-shift work requirement, expressly instructed proposed collective members not to record more than 40 hours of work time each week in the Yelp’s timekeeping system.

  • Required proposed collective members to attend unpaid pre- and post-shift sales meetings that lasted up to 30 minutes
  • Required proposed collective members to watch training and instructional videos before the start of their shifts
  • Never fully relieved proposed collective members of their work duties during daily one-hour unpaid lunch breaks

“At all relevant times, [Yelp’s] policies and practices deprived [the plaintiffs] and other agents of wages owed for the pre-, mid- and post-shift work activities described above,” the complaint alleges. “Because [the plaintiffs] and other agents often worked 40 hours or more in a workweek, [Yelp’s] pay practices also deprived them of overtime pay at a rate of 1.5 time their regular rate of pay.”

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