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Sarah's Artisanal Kitchen, Individuals Sued for Alleged Wage Violations

The operating company of New York restaurant Sarah’s Artisanal Kitchen and two individuals are on the receiving end of a proposed class action lawsuit filed by former employees who worked for them as grill workers, salad preparers, cooks, catering expediters, and delivery workers. The plaintiffs claim they did not receive proper minimum, overtime, and spread-of-hours wages, and that they were not provided with wage statements to record their hours and rate of pay. According to the suit, the plaintiffs were often required to work before or after their scheduled shifts but were not compensated for those hours. They argue that the defendants “willfully disregarded and purposefully evaded recordkeeping requirements” to avoid paying them for their actual hours worked. From the complaint:

“Plaintiffs were victims of Defendants’ common policy and practices which violate their rights under the FLSA and New York Labor Law by, inter alia, not paying them the wages they were owed for the hours they worked.”

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