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State of Michigan, Governor, Named in Flint Water Crisis Class Action

A proposed class action lawsuit was filed on February 2, 2017 against the state of Michigan, its governor, and a lineup of other individuals and governmental entities the case alleges should be held accountable for the years-long, catastrophic Flint water crisis. Below is the full list of defendants named in the 84-page lawsuit:

  • Lockwood, Andrews & Newman, P.C.
  • LAN Inc.
  • Leo A. Daily Company
  • Veolia North America, LLC
  • Veolia Environment S.A.
  • Rowe, LLC
  • The State of Michigan
  • Governor Rick Snyder
  • The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
  • The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
  • Eden Victoria Wells, M.D.
  • Stephen Busch
  • Liane Shekter-Smith
  • Adam Rosenthal
  • Patrick Cook
  • Michael Prusby
  • Bradley Wurfel
  • Daniel Wyant
  • Flint Emergency Managers Edward Kurtz, Darnell Earley, Jerry Ambrose

The lawsuit was filed by a Michigan man and four other named plaintiffs on behalf of a proposed class of residents, businesses and property owners in Flint who “have suffered, and continue to endure, the consequences of having been exposed to toxic levels of lead and other hazards from the drinking water” as a result of the defendants’ alleged gross misconduct.

The City of Flint has been in a state of financial emergency for almost five years, which the case points to as one of the contributing factors for the Emergency Financial Managers authorization to make the Flint River as the city’s sole source of water. The decision, the lawsuit scathes, was grossly negligent, as the water was found to be highly corrosive and hazardous.

“By failing to monitor the lead levels of the Flint River water from the individual taps of Flint homes and residences, schools, hospitals and other public locations, as well as the blood levels of Flint’s children who were exposed to contaminated Flint River water, [the defendants] acted in bad faith by falsely assuring Flint residents for many months that the Flint River water coming in their homes was safe to consume and use, when [the defendants] knew, and had reason to believe, that these assurances were untrue,” court documents contend.

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