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RCS Recovery Services, Gladstone Law Group Hit with FDCPA Lawsuit

A proposed class action out of Florida claims defendants RCS Recovery Services, LLC and Gladstone Law Group violated Florida law and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) by routinely attempting to collect debts that were time barred, while failing to inform debtors that payment on a time-barred debt resets the debt’s statute of limitations. According to the complaint, final judgment was handed down on the plaintiff’s foreclosure debt in January 2010, with the time limit in which to take legal action on the debt set to expire in July 2015. The plaintiff claims she received a collection letter from the defendants in November 2016 attempting to entice her into making a payment without explaining her rights under the FDCPA and the consequences of making any form of payment. The lawsuit further claims the defendants’ collection letter imparted a false sense of urgency in the plaintiff by implying the threat of action.

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