Legal Investigation Looks into Independent Contractor Status of Lyft Drivers

Last Updated on July 26, 2022

Important Information

Attorneys working with are no longer investigating this matter. The information here is for reference only. A list of open investigations and lawsuits can be viewed here.

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Case Update

July 26, 2022 – Investigation Closed

At A Glance

This Alert Affects:
Anyone who drove for Lyft in the past three years and resides in Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York or Illinois.
What’s Going On?
Attorneys working with are signing up Lyft drivers to take action in light of allegations that the rideshare company is misclassifying these workers as independent contractors – when they should be employees – and therefore depriving them of the minimum wage, overtime pay and other benefits of bona fide employment.
What Am I Signing Up For?
You are signing up to participate in what’s known in the legal world as “mass arbitration.” While different than a traditional class action lawsuit, mass arbitration still offers a large group of people the chance to take action against one company over the same issue.
Does This Cost Anything?
Nope! It costs nothing to sign up, and you’ll only pay if your attorney wins your claim. Their payment will come as a percentage of your award.
What Could I Get From This?
While there are no guarantees, it’s estimated that those who sign up and win their claims could be owed as much as $3,000.