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Attorneys Investigating Kenmore Oven, Range Fire Hazard Lawsuits

This Alert Affects:

Anyone whose Kenmore oven caught on fire.

What's Going On?
Attorneys working with ClassAction.org are working to determine whether a class action lawsuit can be filed– and they're asking us to help put them in touch with people whose ovens caught fire to help with their investigation.
Which Ovens Are Affected?
Right now, attorneys are looking into any Kenmore oven sold by Sears that caught fire – they have yet to narrow the possible issue down to a certain model number or make.
What Do I Get Out of This?
By sharing your story with us, you may be able to help get a class action lawsuit started. If a lawsuit is filed and is successful, you may be able to receive money for the cost of your oven and any property damage the fire caused.
What Does This Cost?

Attorneys working with ClassAction.org have started an investigation into Kenmore ovens sold by Sears. They have reason to believe that some of the ovens may contain a design and/or manufacturing defect that causes them to catch on fire. Before they can even consider filing a class action lawsuit against the company, however, they’re asking to speak with people whose Kenmore ovens caught on fire – and that’s where we come in.

If this happened to you, share your story with us by filling out the form on this page. After you get in touch, one of the attorneys we work with may reach out to you via e-mail or phone to talk more about your oven and how you may be able to get your money back.

What’s Causing the Ovens to Catch Fire?

It is believed that a defect may exist in the ovens’ control panels – and that this may be causing the ovens to fail to recognize that they’ve been turned off or set to lower temperatures. As a result, the ovens can get dangerously hot and potentially catch fire. This problem has even been reported in ovens that were less than a year old.

Property Owners Complain Kenmore Ovens Can Overheat, Catch Fire

Dozens of consumers who experienced problems with their Kenmore ovens and ranges have taken their complaints online. In many cases, these individuals said they noticed the unintended overheating in enough time to prevent the appliances from catching fire, but often had to disconnect the electric running to these stoves to do so. Others claimed that the fires not only damaged their stoves, but also spread to other parts of their homes, damaging their property and posing a serious injury risk to themselves and their families.

Some of these complaints can be read below [sic throughout]:

“On Christmas Eve this year, I preheated oven and smelled weird electric or plastic burning smell. Wasn't sure what smell was from, put muffins in to bake. Oven cooked way too hot and burnt muffins in 10 minutes. Turned oven off and sparks, smoke and black ash poured out of top…Clearly, the oven sparking and smoking was caused by a defect in their product. Afraid for my safety, I unplugged stove until I could hire my own repairman to come and diagnose stove…$260 repair, had to replace control board.”  Karla of Stansbury Park, UT
“One day the broiler came on by itself and will not turn off…I have researched this on the internet and this is problem has been reported numerous times. This is dangerous, as this can occur using the timer function and if unattended lead to a fire. Fixing this seemingly common problem is a $400 plus proposition, which is almost the price of the oven. There is no safety guard in place to ensure that if this problem does happen the oven will shut itself down. Apparently this can happen at any time and without warning or other signs of its impending malfunction.”  Michael of Statesboro, GA
“There has been an ongoing problem with the large left burner turning on by itself and staying on even when the control is in the off position. It has happened more than one time, we never know when it will happen, we are fearful that our home may catch fire or it may cause a fire to start when we are not at home.” Paul of Hanahan, SC
“Our 5 year old Kenmore Elite Electric Range (model 790.9911) caught fire last night and we were very fortunate to have been in the room. I turned on one burner to heat water and turned the (convection) oven on to warm some food. Within 2 minutes, we heard an electrical crackling buzzing sound instead of the convection oven fan noise. I immediately tried to turn off the oven and black smoke began pouring out of the back of the oven and the stove would not turn off. Within seconds, flames were shooting out of the back of the oven where the vent grill is. My husband ran to turn off the main power in the house. Fortunately the flames extinguished themselves before catching fire to the cabinets.” ComplaintsBoard.com, Massachusetts
“My Kenmore range turns on by itself. Last night, it turned on and my did not notice it. It got so hot that the oven glass shattered. It's unplugged now. No more Kenmore's for me.” Neal, ComplaintBoard.com
“I had a wooden cutting board on top of the cooktop on the quick heating element. About 15 minutes in, I noticed that there was smoke coming from under the wooden cutting board. The quick heating element on the left had turned on automatically and the cutting board had caught on fire. I turned off the oven and the burner turned off. I then turned the oven back on but on convection bake vs convection roast and the 2 burners on the front went on. I then turned off the oven completely and the 2 burner stayed. We had to turn off the breaker in the basement to turn the oven off.” Tessie03, ComplaintBoard.com
“I have a Sears Kenmore Electric Range Model # 911.93488990 and was cooking dinner a few nights ago. I was just about to open the oven when the thing exploded and I screamed from the shock. After a few minutes I opened it and the whole element was on fire. After calling my Husband in from outside to see, we watched as the fire continued all around and the pieces just fell off. The only way we finally got it to stop was by disconnecting the oven.” Sadie & Ruby, ComplaintBoard.com

How a Class Action Lawsuit Can Help

If filed, a class action lawsuit could help potentially thousands of consumers seek compensation for their stoves and any damage they caused. Furthermore, a lawsuit could help hold the manufacturer accountable for releasing the product into the marketplace.

Attorneys working with ClassAction.org are still investigating the Kenmore oven issues and whether a class action lawsuit can be filed. To help with their investigation, they’ve asked us to help connect them to people who had their Kenmore ovens catch fire. If this happened to you, tell us about it by contacting us here. You may be able to help start a class action lawsuit and get your money back for the stove and any damage it caused. Once you get in touch, one of the attorneys we work with may reach to you directly to explain more. This doesn’t cost anything and you’re not obligated to take legal action simply because you contacted us or spoke with an attorney about your rights. 

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