Did You Receive a Full Refund for Your Canceled Trip?

If you had to cancel a trip due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, you may be feeling shortchanged or ripped off. Attorneys working with believe that some companies are not properly refunding and otherwise mistreating customers when their services have been rendered unusable or unsafe.

Specifically, they believe in most cases you should receive a full cash refund – not a partial refund and not a credit.

To read more about improper and potentially illegal refund practices, read our dedicated page here.

What Types of Travel Businesses Are Being Investigated?

Investigations have been opened into the practices of many travel-related businesses including:

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Home sharing platforms (e.g., AirBnb)
  • Travel insurance companies
  • Cruise ships
  • Theme parks
  • Travel booking websites
  • Tour operators
  • Others

To learn more about recent litigation surrounding travel insurance, read on here.

What You Can Do

If you had to cancel a trip and were subject to unfair refund practices, let us know. Attorneys working with are looking into all manner of improper conduct by companies during this crisis and aim to hold them accountable.

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