Injured Workers: Did You Receive a Letter About Reimbursing Medicare?

Last Updated on May 1, 2020

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At A Glance

This Alert Affects:
Anyone who was hurt at work and received a letter saying that Medicare needed to be paid back for medical services it covered for the injury.
What’s Going On?
It is believed that workers' compensation claimants are receiving distressing letters from Medicare demanding reimbursement for medical expenses. Attorneys are investigating whether insurance companies are failing to pay Medicare in a timely manner, and whether patients can take action for out-of-pocket expenses, co-pays and other damages.
What You Can Do
If you received one of these letters – often referred to as “conditional payment letters” – fill out the form on this page to learn more about this investigation and why you may be owed money back.
What Does This Cost?
Nothing – and you’re never obligated to take legal action just because you spoke to someone about your rights.

The information submitted on this page will be forwarded to Whitfield Bryson LLP who has sponsored this investigation.

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