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Vector Marketing Lawsuit

This Alert Affects:

Individuals who went through Vector Marketing's initial training session for selling Cutco knives.

It has been alleged these employees were not paid wages for intial training time.
Vector Marketing
Additional Details
While the quality of Cutco knives is not in question, it has been alleged that Vector Marketing violated its legal obligation to pay wages for initial training time.
Type of Lawsuit
Class Action

Employees of Vector Marketing who went through the initial training to learn how to sell its Cutco knives may be entitled to compensation for back wages and other damages in light of allegations that the company violated its legal obligation to pay wages for the initial training time. According to a prior class action suit filed in California, which has since been resolved, Vector Marketing was alleged to have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act and state laws when it failed to pay employees for the time they spent during their initial training sessions, usually over the course of three to five days. While this class action lawsuit has been resolved, ClassAction.org would like to hear from Vector Marketing employees in other states to determine if they have been denied compensation for this initial training time.

Did you go through the Vector Marketing initial training session? If so, you may be able to file a claim against Vector Marketing and recover compensation for training time wages. To find out if you may be owed compensation, fill out our free, no obligation case review form today. 

Complaints Lodged by Former Vector Employees

Former employees of Vector Marketing have taken to the internet to share their experiences selling Cutco knives, describing the job as a “scam” and “too good to be true.” According to the complaints, “chosen” applicants were asked to attend three to five day initial training sessions, for which they were not paid. According to federal law, employers who require their workers to attend training must usually provide payment for this time. According to the prior California class action suit, it was alleged that Vector Marketing was required to pay its employees at least the minimum wage for the three to five days they spent in their initial training, but failed to do so.

Vector Marketing: Is It a Scam?

ClassAction.org is investigating allegations that Vector Marketing engaged in illegal employment practices and needs to hear from current or former Vector employees to assist in its investigation. If you went through the initial training session to learn to sell Cutco knives for Vector marketing, (even if you never actually started selling the knives), without being paid at least the minimum wage in your state, we would like to hear from you to help determine if another class action lawsuit can be filed. To contact us today, please fill out our free case review form with the details of your experience with Vector Marketing.

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Case Resources

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Case number 3:08-cv-05198, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California
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Case number 3:14-cv-0264, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California