Attorneys Investigating 'Unlimited' Data Plan Throttling Lawsuits

Last Updated on June 26, 2017

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Wireless phone customers whose "unlimited" data plans were throttled.
What Is Throttling?
Throttling is the act of intentionally slowing down Internet speeds to help prevent network congestion in densely populated cities or during peak usage hours.
What's Going On?
It has been alleged that a number of cell phone providers are misleading consumers about "unlimited" data plans because the companies are slowing down Internet speeds after customers use a certain amount of gigabytes (GB) per billing cycle. As a result, smart phone users are complaining that their plans are not truly "unlimited" and that their cell phone providers are not honoring their contracts.
Which Wireless Networks Are Throttling 'Unlimited' Data?
Several wireless providers, including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, StraightTalk Wireless, Cricket, Net10 Wireless, Solavei, Virgin Mobile, MetroPCS and Boost Mobile, have been accused of throttling their users' "unlimited" data.
Has a Lawsuit Been Filed?
Yes, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued AT&T in October 2014 alleging that the company is misleading consumers by throttling and limiting their "unlimited" data. This means that AT&T customers will have to wait until the FTC lawsuit is resolved to see whether they could be entitled to compensation. AT&T isn't the only company, however, that has been accused of misleading advertising. Attorneys would like to hear from customers using cell service providers other than AT&T to determine whether additional lawsuits could be filed.