Reglan Receives Black Box Warning for Tardive Dyskinesia

Last Updated on January 11, 2022

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At A Glance

This Alert Affects
Patients who have taken Reglan or metoclopramide and developed tardive dyskinesia.
Some Reglan users have developed the neurological disorder tardive dyskinesia which causes rapid eye blinking, lip smacking, lip puckering and involuntary movement of the fingers, hands, arms and legs. Patients with tardive dyskinesia may also experience difficulty walking, talking, breathing and swallowing.
Baxter Pharmaceutical and Schwarz Pharma Inc.
Additional Details
Reglan and other metoclopramide-containing drugs are prescribed to treat gastrointestinal disorders including acid reflux disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and diabetic gastroparesis. Metoclopramide may also be prescribed to treat nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy or post-operative side effects.
Reglan and metoclopramide-containing drugs have not been recalled, but received a black box warning in February 2009.