Lawsuit Investigation: Are Coffee Shops Illegally Adding a Surcharge for Non-Dairy Milk?

Last Updated on July 2, 2024

Investigation Complete

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Case Update

April 17, 2024 – Coffee Bean Lawsuit Filed
March 21, 2024 – Starbucks Faces Another Lawsuit
February 26, 2024 –​ Investigation Complete
February 14, 2024 –​ List of Coffee Shops Under Investigation Revised

At A Glance

This Alert Affects:
Customers with lactose intolerance or milk allergies who had to pay extra for non-dairy milk at certain coffee shops.
What’s Going On?
Attorneys working with believe that some coffee shops may be discriminating against customers with lactose intolerance or milk allergies by adding a surcharge for dairy milk alternatives. They’re now looking into whether class action lawsuits can be filed.
Which Coffee Shops Are Currently Under Investigation?
Caribou Coffee
How Could a Lawsuit Help?
Class action lawsuits could help customers get back some of the money they may have been wrongfully charged—and possibly force the coffee shop companies to stop adding a surcharge for non-dairy milk.