Mirena Users File Lawsuits Claiming IUD Caused Serious Injuries

December 3, 2013

Important Information

ClassAction.org is no longer reviewing claims for this case. The information here is for reference only. Up-to-date information and resources can be found here.

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At A Glance

This Alert Affects
Women who experienced serious side effects after being implanted with Mirena.
What Is Mirena?
Mirena is an intrauterine device (IUD) that is inserted in the uterus and prevents pregnancy by releasing a medication known as levonorgestrel.
What Are the Allegations?
Lawsuits allege that the maker of Mirena failed to adequately warn women that the device can embed itself in the uterus, perforate the uterus or travel into the pelvic area, causing infections, scarring, organ damage, adhesions, intestinal obstruction and hemorrhages. If a woman becomes pregnant after receiving Mirena, she may also be at risk for an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage or infertility.
FDA Warning
In 2009, the FDA demanded that Bayer immediately cease its marketing program known as "Mirena parties." The agency said that these events were misleading because they overstated the efficacy of Mirena, while minimizing its risks.
Type of Lawsuit
Mass Tort