Class Action Lawsuits for Sticky, Melting Dashboards

Last Updated on June 26, 2017

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This Alert Affects
Drivers with sticky or melting dashboards in their vehicles.
What's the Problem?
Hundreds of drivers in Florida, Texas and other hot-weather states have complained that the dashboards in their vehicles cannot withstand typical weather conditions and can melt in the heat. Sticky, melting and/or glossy dashboards can create a blinding glare on the windshield when driving in the sun.
Which Cars Are Affected?
Affected vehicles include, but are not limited to, certain Toyota Camry and Yaris models; Mazda 3 and 6 models; Lexus IS300, IS250 and IS350 models; and Nissan Altima models; Nissan Altima models; Corvette; and Subaru models.
Why Are the Dashboards Melting?
Several motor vehicle companies may have used low-quality or defective materials when designing or manufacturing the dashboards for their cars.
Has a Lawsuit Been Filed?
Yes. Mazda Motor Corp., Toyota and Lexus are currently facing class action lawsuits over their allegedly defective dashboards; however, attorneys want to hear from people who own or lease vehicles made by any car manufacturer and experienced problems with their dashboards, as they believe additional lawsuits could be filed.
Type of Lawsuit
Class Action