Lawsuit: LG Lied About Refresh Rates

June 18, 2018

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At A Glance

This Alert Affects:
Anyone who owns an LG television with advertised refresh rates of 120Hz or 240Hz.
What’s Going On?
A class action lawsuit has been filed alleging that these televisions only have half their advertised refresh rates – meaning consumers may have paid more than they should have.
What Can I Do?
Fill out the form on this page and one of the attorneys we work with may reach out to you directly to explain what your options are if you own this television.
How Could a Class Action Lawsuit Help Me?
You may be able to get back some of the money you spent on your television.
Can I Tell If My TV Has a Low Refresh Rate?
You may notice “juddering” or “motion blur” while watching sports or playing video games; a news scroll that can’t keep up; and uneven or choppy movement when watching movies.
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