Tendon Injuries Linked to Levaquin and Cipro

October 11, 2013

Important Information

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At A Glance

This Alert Affects
Patients who took Levaquin and Cipro and experienced tendon ruptures or tendonitis.
Levaquin and Cipro have been linked to tendon ruptures, tendonitis and Achilles tendon damage.
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals, Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Additional Details
Part of the fluoroquinolone group of antibiotics, Levaquin and Cipro treat bacterial infections. Levaquin treats infections in the urinary tract, bones, abdomen, lower respiratory system and skin, while Cipro treats infection in the skin and lungs.
On July 8, 2008, the FDA placed a black box warning on Cipro and Levaquin to highlight the risk of tendon injuries associated with fluoroquinolone antibiotics.