Jimmy John's Uniforms Lawsuit Investigation

June 18, 2015

Important Information

ClassAction.org is no longer reviewing claims for this case. The information here is for reference only. Up-to-date information and resources can be found here.

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At A Glance

This Alert Affects
Jimmy John's employees who had the cost of their uniforms deducted from their paychecks.
What's Going On?
Attorneys working with ClassAction.org have reason to believe a lawsuit can be filed against Jimmy John's for deducting the cost of uniforms from their workers' paychecks. Before they can even consider taking legal action, however, the attorneys need to speak with a few people who work or used to work at the sandwich shop.
How Can a Lawsuit Help Me?
If a lawsuit is filed and won, you may be able to get your money back for the cost of your uniform.