Illegal Unpaid Internships

October 10, 2013

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This Alert Affects:
Unpaid interns.
What's Going On?
Companies are getting sued for allegedly hiring unpaid interns in lieu of paid employees.
Have These Lawsuits Been Successful?
Yes. In 2015 alone, Warner Music paid out $4.2 million, NBC paid out $6.4 million and Viacom paid out $7.2 million to unpaid interns.
What Industries Are Affected?
Media, fashion and entertainment have been hit the hardest by these lawsuits, but any company that hires unpaid interns in lieu of paid employees could be breaking the law.
I'm an Unpaid Intern. What Can I Do?
Fill out the form on this page to get in touch. We may then have an attorney reach out to you to talk more about your legal rights. There's no cost to talk to a lawyer and you're never obligated to take legal action if you don't want to.
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