Lawsuits Claim IBM Underpays Sales Commissions

January 22, 2018

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At A Glance

This Alert Affects:
IBM sales representatives who believe they were underpaid on their commissions.
What’s Going On?
IBM has been sued over allegations that it is capping sales representatives’ commissions despite promising that workers could make as much as they want because sales commissions are uncapped.
This Happened to Me. What Can I Do?
Fill out the form on this page and tell us about it. Attorneys working with are now speaking with current and former IBM sales representatives to help these workers determine whether they have a claim for unpaid commissions.
Does This Cost Anything?
It costs nothing to speak to the attorneys we work with.
Could I Get Fired for Speaking Up?
Federal law prohibits employers from retaliating against workers who exercise their legal rights.

The information submitted on this page will be forwarded to Whitfield Bryson LLP who has sponsored this investigation.

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