HP Laptop Lawsuit Over Broken Hinges

Last Updated on June 26, 2017

Investigation Complete

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This Alert Affects
Anyone who had a hinge break on their HP laptop computer.
What's Going On?
It has been reported that a number of Hewlett-Packard (HP) laptops have been sold with defective hinges. It is believed that the company may have known about the defect before selling the laptops, misleading and deceiving consumers about the value of the laptops and their accompanying warranties.
Has There Been a Recall?
HP issued a recall in November 2008, but set strict deadline – May 31, 2009 – for anyone who wanted compensation for their broken laptops. Those who contacted the company by this date were offered replacement hinges on all qualifying notebook PCs. Due to the short timeline and hard deadline, however, many customers missed out on HP's "service enhancement program," (the company's name for the recall), either because they didn't know about it or didn't have problems until the deadline had passed.
Has a Lawsuit Been Filed?
Not yet. Attorneys would like to hear from anyone who had a hinge break on their HP laptop computer to help determine whether a lawsuit can be filed on behalf of those who missed the recall deadline.