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State Farm Roof Insurance Lawsuit Investigation

This Alert Affects:

Homeowners who had their roofs replaced following wind, storm or hail damage.

What's Going On?
Allegations have surfaced that State Farm is intentionally cheating homeowners out of hundreds of dollars when paying out claims for roof repair/replacement.

Attorneys working with ClassAction.org are investigating whether class action lawsuits can be filed on behalf of homeowners who went through State Farm to have their roofs replaced following storm, wind or hail damage. They have reason to believe the company is cheating homeowners out of hundreds of dollars – and are trying to determine whether a class action lawsuit can help these people get their money back.

What’s Going On Exactly?

It is believed that State Farm is shorting homeowners by failing to pay for the full cost of removing and disposing of damaged roofing material.

It works like this: most houses have two layers of roofing material – but it is suspected that State Farm is only compensating homeowners for the cost of removing one layer. As a result, each homeowner who submits a claim to their insurance company for the work is believed to be getting shorted and receiving a less than fair settlement of their claim. Attorneys believe this practice to be a deliberate attempt by the insurance company to profit at the expense of its customers.

What’s worse is that it is suspected that homeowners have no idea their claims are potentially being underpaid. 

How You Can Help Get a Class Action Started

If you went through your State Farm homeowners’ insurance to have your roof replaced following wind, storm or hail damage, you may have been cheated out of hundreds of dollars. 

If a class action lawsuit against State Farm is filed and is successful, homeowners may be able to get the rest of their money back. Furthermore, a successful case could help put an end to this potentially fraudulent practice.

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