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Consumer Fraud

Were You Overcharged for a Collect Call or Pay Phone Call?

This Alert Affects:

Individuals who were overcharged for collect, domestic and international calls made from public pay phones or hotel room phones.

Complaints have alleged that IOS Telecom, a company which provides calling services to travelers, charges excessively high phone call fees to callers using pay phones or hotel room phones. Although the costs of the expensive phone calls were not uniform, the company allegedly tacked on unreasonable charges for service fees and operator use.
IOS Telecom
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Travelers using public pay phones, hotel room phones or local operators may be unaware of the fees charged for making phone calls. Those who incurred high phone charges for making collect, domestic or international calls may have the legal right to pursue compensation for the cost of these expensive phone calls.

Complaints have surfaced that IOS Telecom, a company which provides calling service to travelers, charges high phone call fees for calls made from public pay phones or hotel rooms. These expensive phone calls range in cost, but consumers may be charged up to $20, if not more, for a one or two minute phone call.

IOS Telecom users have posted complaints online about high pay phone charges and expensive collect call fees. One consumer complained of an excessive collect phone call charge of more than $40 for a call that lasted no longer than five minutes in length. Another consumer claimed that they used a payphone containing the tagline “Lowest International Rates”; however, the consumer was billed a high pay phone fee of nearly $18 for a 3-minute phone call. The alleged high IOS Telecom phone call fees are charged to a debit or credit card under the company name IOS Tel, ILD Tel or some similar variation.

IOS Telecom (International Operator Services) allows travelers to use public payphones or hotel room phones to make domestic and international calls. Billing collect or charging a call to a credit card, customers can use the service to make phone calls, should their cell phone fail or prepaid calling cards expire. Unfortunately, many of these consumers are unaware of the high pay phone fees or expensive collect phone charges that may be incurred as a result of making these calls.

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