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If you were injured by Essure, you could take action to help change the face of the litigation.

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Bayer is trying to use its premarket approval as an escape hatch and they could very well get away with it. Filing case on top of case is not a viable option – attorneys need to find the best client to represent the thousands of women injured by Essure. But they can't find her on their own.

If you speak up, you could open the doors for everyone.

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Essure Resources: What You Need to Know

The Case Against Essure:
Part One

We explore the federal preemption issue and why it's preventing women from seeking compensation from Bayer.

The Case Against Essure:
Is the Tide Turning?

In the second part of this series, we discuss how some lawyers are stepping up to the challenge of getting around preemption.

Lawsuits for Women
Injured By Essure

Learn more about the accusations against Bayer and why women are claiming Essure should have never been sold.

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