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Product Liability

Soleus Dehumidifier, Sold By Gree USA, May Be Prone To Fires, Breakages

This Alert Affects:

Users who have bought or own a dehumidifier sold by Gree USA as "SoleusAir Powered by Gree."

Soleus International Inc., Gree USA, Gree Electronic Appliances Inc., (Zhuhai).
Additional Details
Products were previously sold in stores including The Home Depot, Inc and Lowe's, though affected products were pulled from sale in November 2012.
In November 2012, Soleus removed affected dehumidifiers from sale. Products manufactured between 2010 and 2012 are affected.

Consumers who bought a Soleus dehumidifier manufactured as part of a partnership between Soleus and Gree International may be entitled to compensation. The company itself has reportedly admitted that the product is faulty, manufactured from substandard materials, and may pose a fire risk. Products manufactured between 2010 and 2012 are reported to be affected.

Dehumidifier Problems Led To Product Recall

Gree USA was formed in April 2012 as a partnership between Soleus and Gree, manufacturing dehumidifiers branded as “SoleusAir Powered By Free.” Customer reports from July 2012 onwards suggested that the product had a critical flaw, and was prone to catching on fire due to the use of flammable plastic. Soleus reported the flaw to Gree which, according to a lawsuit the company has now filed against its Chinese counterpart, denied there was any danger. Soleus’ own investigations later confirmed a design error had resulted from the use of substandard materials in the manufacturing process. The two companies are now embroiled in a legal battle following allegations that Gree set out to damage Soleus’ reputation and finances after the company pulled the dehumidifiers from the market over safety concerns..

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