Students, Parents: Were You Refunded for Tuition and Other Expenses?

If you’re a college student or a parent who pays tuition for your child, you may feel that, lately, you’re not getting what you paid for.

Campuses across the country have shut down and many schools have transitioned to online learning. Remote learning deprives students of many of the benefits and amenities that their tuition and fees pay for – and now, attorneys are helping people take action to get their money back. has covered dozens of lawsuits filed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. If you feel you’ve been shortchanged by a college or university, it’s important to stay informed as these cases move forward, potentially toward settlements for you and other parents and students.

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What Costs Could Be Refunded?

Attorneys working with believe that class actions could be filed to refund unused portions of students’ tuition and fees, which may include money charged for:

  • Room and board
  • Gym and recreational fees
  • Computer and library Fees
  • Meal plans
  • Study abroad programs
  • Parking passes Newsletter

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