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Lawsuit Investigation into Vantel Pearls

This Alert Affects:

Anyone who purchased jewelry from Vantel Pearls, as well as consultants for the company.

What's Going On?
Consumers have complained of a number of problems with Vantel Pearls, including delayed shipments and poor jewelry quality.
How a Class Action Can Help
A successful class action lawsuit could help consumers get refunds for their orders and force the company to change its business practices.

Attorneys working with ClassAction.org have opened an investigation into Vantel Pearls. Consumers  have reported that their shipments have been delayed and that the jewelry is low quality, worthless and sometimes breaking within two to three uses

What Problems Are People Having?

During a Vantel Pearl party, guests are invited to select an oyster that contains “a beautiful, genuine pearl.” This pearl can then be mounted into a piece of jewelry sold by the company. We’ve received complaints from party goers, however, that:

  • The jewelry isn’t being delivered or is taking several months to arrive
  • If the shipment arrives, the jewelry isn’t sterling silver and isn’t the pearl picked out by the customer
  • The jewelry is breaking within two to three uses
  • The pearls are breaking and/or falling off
  • The jewelry is changing color  
  • The pearls are fake and were placed into the oysters

In addition, Vantel Pearls is allegedly telling customers to contact their party consultants regarding delayed or missing orders, refunds and reimbursements, and complaints about jewelry quality. In cases where the jewelry hasn’t arrived, the company is allegedly telling shoppers to call the local police on the consultant – claiming he or she has “stolen their money.” In essence, Vantel Pearls is reportedly trying to avoid responsibility for its product and instead “passing the buck” to its party consultants. 

Vantel Pearls Complaints Sent to BBB

Here are some actual complaints from consumers as written into the Better Business Bureau (BBB) [sic throughout]:

“I bought a necklace with two oyster openings. My pearls were a 7 Black valued @ $78 & a 7 White valued @ $48. It was over 2 months before I received my order. Both my pearls were replaced with a small white and an even smaller off white pearl. Value on the pearls are $58 & $32. I've been in touch with Demonstrator and customer service several times. This was their mistake but they are giving me the runaround and wanting me to spend more money by sending my order back so I can get a refund. Not a full refund. I won't get reimbursed for any of the postage.” Alberta
“Never again. I was quoted 8-10 weeks on orders. It was all lies. I waited 14 weeks for one order and 12.5 weeks for another and received neither.” Miranda
“Most of this is just over priced cosmetic jewelry, Pearls fall off things break in 1-7 days. Items listed as Sterling Silver arent. Way over priced for plated Return policy is a joke. Still waiting on a refund months later. Dont think I should hold my breath.” MelV
“When I placed my order it took 3 weeks longer than I was originally told it would, then once my consultant had received it she sent me pictures and literally every single pearl was placed wrong even though the consultant had written very clear instructions on the placement of each pearl right on the envelope that gets sent to the main company. So than I had to wait an additional 3 weeks to finally receive my order, by which time the event I had ordered them for that was 8 weeks after I ordered had already come and gone! To top it off then the very first time I wore one of the bracelets I ordered within the first 20 minutes the pearl was gone it fell off and I was never able to find it after spending an extravagant amount of money on it this really angers me. I still have about $400 worth of your companies jewelery I'm terrified to wear do to the fear another pearl might just fall freaking off and be gone again forever!” Anonymous
“I am extremely pissed with my most recent experience purchasing a ring through Vantel Pearls. 1. I had to wait over 10 weeks to receive my ring...which by the way was 90 dollars. 2. when I finally did receive my ring it had a HUGE scratch on it. 3. when I contacted the seller she told me I had to pay to have it shipped back and fixed (WHY WHEN IT WAS VANTELS MISTAKE!) so 4. I therefore called Vantels customer service number...and this is what did me in...the associate I spoke with told me I scratched my ring so I could receive my money back! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! WHY WOULD I WASTE MY MONEY TO DO THAT?! POOR QUALITY JEWELRY AND EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!” Kelly C.
“Little to my knowledge, over 90% of the ENTIRE CATALOG is costume jewelry! The selection for Sterling Silver was EXTREMELY LIMITED!!! Which was disheartening a bit, I didn't really want to shell out $$50-$100usd per pearl on COSTUME JEWELRY! So, I selected my pieces, and very close to $200.00 later... My order was paid for and ‘placed.’ Now, I opened the oysters and paid on July 31st, it is now Septemeber 8th and there is no estimated time of arrival, I was told it would be about 6 weeks delivery.” C.B.

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