Job Reclassification Lawsuits: Exempt to Non-Exempt Employees

Last Updated on September 24, 2021

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This Alert Affects:
Employees who were reclassified from exempt to non-exempt. These employees may or may not have received a letter about this reclassification.
What Does It Mean to Be Exempt or Non-Exempt?
Exempt employees aren't entitled to overtime while non-exempt employees are.
Why Was I Reclassified?
A number of companies are reportedly reclassifying employees as "non-exempt" after discovering they were illegally depriving these workers of overtime pay. Many of these companies, however, are failing to pay reclassified employees for back overtime wages.
What You Can Do:
If you've been reclassified and didn't receive back wages for the overtime you worked during the past few years, get in touch with us today by filling out the form on this page. It's possible that you may be able to make a claim for your unpaid overtime.
Can I Get Fired?
It's illegal for your employer to take any retaliatory action against you for exercising your legal rights.

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