Lawsuit Investigation: Did You Buy Products Falsely Advertised as Having ‘No Artificial Flavors’?

Last Updated on June 4, 2024

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At A Glance

This Alert Affects:
Individuals who purchased any of the products listed on this page.
What’s Going On?
Attorneys working with are investigating whether certain food and supplement products may contain an artificial flavoring agent despite being labeled as flavored with natural ingredients. If so, it’s possible that they may be able to file class action lawsuits on behalf of buyers.
What Products Are Under Investigation?
GoodPop Freezer Pops; Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummies; Scrummy Gummy Bears; Proti Diet Cool Raspberry Drink Liquid Concentrate; and Ester-C Effervescent Vitamin C Packets, Natural Orange Flavor.
How Could a Lawsuit Help?
If successful, class action lawsuits could help consumers get back some of the money they spent on their purchases. They could also potentially force the companies to change how their products are labeled.
What You Can Do
If you’ve bought any of the products listed below, fill out the form on this page to help the investigation.

The information submitted on this page will be forwarded to Charles C. Weller A.P.C. who has sponsored this investigation.

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