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Lawsuit Investigation for Hyundai Paint Problems

This Alert Affects:

Hyundai owners who had the paint on their cars peel off or bubble.

What's Going On?
Attorneys working with ClassAction.org are trying to a determine whether a class action lawsuit can be filed, but first need to speak with Hyundai owners to learn more about the problem.
How Can a Lawsuit Help?
A lawsuit, if filed and successful, may be able to help Hyundai owners recover compensation for paint jobs and/or reduced value of their vehicles.

Attorneys working with ClassAction.org are investigating whether a class action lawsuit can be filed on behalf of Hyundai owners who experienced problems with the paint on their cars. They’ve read through dozens of complaints from Hyundai owners who say the paint “bubbled” or peeled off their cars and have reason to believe a defect may be to blame for the problem.

What Issues Are Hyundai Owners Reporting?

A number of Hyundai owners have complained that the paint comes off in “chunks” and that repair shops have indicated that there is an inherent problem in the paint itself. Some of their complaints can be read below [sic throughout]: 

“My 2009 Santa Fe started to peel back in December. I was washing it and noticed about a 1" spot of paint coming off on the hood just above the headlight. I took it directly to the dealer and was informed that with 38,500 miles it was out of warranty. I painted the spot but it has since grown to about 3" x6". Two more spots on the hood have started to appear, Did I HEAR CLASS ACTION.” Maxwell65, Edmunds.com
“My Santa Fe has paint bubbling on the hood, above the windshield, and along the driver side door. I spoke to consumer affairs today and they advised me to take it to the dealership and have them look at it and they said whatever the dealership says they will honor. Well I took it this afternoon and three different managers said the same thing....looks like a bad paint job!!. So they put a claim in with Hyundai and we play the waiting game.” Rmervin, Edmunds.com
“The paint on the roof of my Sonata is continuing to peel. It started in 2012, just at the lip where it meets the windshield. It was one small chip that has grown in size. The problem has spread all along this lip in different areas (not connected) and each area continues to get larger. Hyundai says I have to pay for the paint to be fixed. Why is a four-year-old car needing paint fixed when there has been no damage?” Jessica W., Louisville, Kentucky, CarComplaints.com
“I bought my elantra used and the paint is peeling on the hood. It appears to have just started and is peeling quickly. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can stop it from peeling further? or... do you know if there is a hidden warranty regarding paint peeling. My car has 77 000 km. Please help” jmcneill, HyundaiForum.com

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