Legal Help for Business Owners in the COVID-19 Crisis

If your business has been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, you may be having trouble making ends meet and struggling to plan out your future. If another company or entity is making things worse as you try to regain financial stability, attorneys working with want to hear about it.

They’re looking into all manner of misconduct during this crisis and are interested in holding companies that are illegally or unfairly treating business owners accountable.

At this time, attorneys working with have decided to close this investigation – but that doesn’t mean you don’t have rights.

If your business is being treated unfairly – or possibly even illegally – by another entity or individual during the COVID-19 crisis, reach out to a local attorney for help. Most offer free consultations and won’t charge for reviewing your potential claim.

Types of Investigations

During the COVID-19 crisis, attorneys have opened investigations to assist business owners who:

  • Had their loss of business insurance claims denied
  • Had their applications for the paycheck protection program delayed or denied
  • Were not issued refunds for liability and other insurance purchased to cover risk that will now never occur
  • Were not issued full cash refunds for services that are unusable during the crisis
  • Are otherwise being treated unfairly

To read more about the types of lawsuits being filed during the COVID-19 crisis, visit this page. Newsletter

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