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Andersen Facing Class Action Lawsuits Over Problems with Vinyl-Clad Windows

This Alert Affects:

Anyone who owns a property with Andersen Windows' 400 Series Tilt Wash vinyl-clad windows.

Why Is Andersen Getting Sued?
It has been alleged that Andersen knowingly sold defective windows and took no action to warn its customers or fix the problem.
What Problems Have Been Reported?
Rotting, decay, leaking, deterioration, mold growth, overall failure of the windows, condensation that worsens in cold weather, cold air coming through the windows, dark spots, and a "rattling" or "cracking" sound in windy weather.
What Is the Purpose of the Lawsuits?
To provide compensation for repair and replacement costs, property damage and other losses to those who have the windows installed on their homes.
Type of Lawsuit
Class Action

Andersen Windows, Inc. is facing a number of class action lawsuits alleging that the company’s 400 Series Tilt wash vinyl-clad windows are defective. According to the suits, water can pool between the windows’ panes, which can lead to mold growth, rotting, decay and overall failure of the windows. The lawsuits are seeking to provide homeowners with compensation for repair and replacement costs, labor and supplies, and damaged personal property.  

What Problems Have Been Reported?

The class actions claim that a design and/or manufacturing defect in the windows can allow moisture, such as rain and snow, to leak into the windows and the property on which they were installed.   

What Happens When Moisture Leaks into the Windows? 

When water leaks in from the outside, it can collect between the panes of the windows. As a result, mold can grow and the windows may begin rotting prematurely, resulting in an overall failure of the windows. Unfortunately, the alleged defect may affect more than just the windows themselves.

Consumers have complained that they had to replace and/or repair curtains, drapes, shades, blinds, valances, walls, studs, siding, trim and other property as a result of the leaking windows. The lawsuits claim that homeowners have spent or will need to spend thousands of dollars to remove the windows and replace and repair damages items. According to the suits, had consumers known about the defect, they would not have bought the windows, would have had the chance to negotiate a lower buying price for their property, or could have bargained to have the windows replaced before buying their property.

Complaints from Consumers

Consumers have taken to the internet to express their frustrations with the windows leaking, rotting and otherwise failing to perform as expected. The following is a sample of these complaints [sic throughout]:

“The air infiltration on the other hand is a real problem.  These windows are drafty and there is no way to change that.  You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for new windows to have a cold family and these windows just don’t provide a good seal.  After observing these windows for a few months I can’t recommend them.  Our good friend will be replacing these relatively new wood windows with another model that gets a much tighter seal.”

“I spent a small fortune in 2000 with Andersen Windows on a new home built the same year. I just found [1/13/13] that 10 of the double hung windows in the home had rot on the inside wood-not the outside-all in the lower left corner of the lower sash. I contacted Andersen today to find out that the windows were manufactured in 1999 and therefore their warranty on the windows is only ten year-20 years on the glass- therefore there is no fix for these rotting windown other than to replace them at my cost… The double hung windows are essentially junk and all in the same location. The other writings on the net indicate that the problem is how the window is constructed in allowing a water leak from the outside into the inside and therefore the rot occurring on the inside and not on the outside. The people at Andersen are polite but of no help.”

“We caught water in buckets in our basement for three years from windows on the second story while we tried to figure out where the leaks were. It was in all cases the windows leaking at the bottom corners. They have always leaked air and we have learned to sleep with the noise of the rattling screens on those windy nights. For about the last four years I have watched the north sash on the living room window literally ROT away. You can see it from the road. I can just about put my hand throughit. Tonight I was called to the kitchen to tilt the sash in for cleaning and a part of the sash FELL OFF because it has been rotting inside. My only option is to buy one sash at a time as they rot as cannot afford to replace all the windows in the house at once. If the seal were broken and moisture collects between the glass that is covered for 20 years and would come with the wood sash I need. Everything else is covered for only 10 years.”

What Resolution Are the Class Action Lawsuits Seeking?

The lawsuits are seeking to:

  • Order Andersen to replace the windows and pay all expenses, including supplies, a redecorating allowance and labor costs, or alternatively, to have the company reimburse customers for these expenses

  • Stop Andersen from “further deceptive advertising, marketing, distribution, or sales practices” with regard to the vinyl-clad windows
Jan 27, 2014
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Marks v. Andersen Windows, Inc. et al. Complaint
Case number: 1:14-cv-10171, U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts