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Defective Product Class Action Lawsuits, Recalls, and Safety Alerts

Defective Products

When a company releases a defective product into the marketplace, those who bought the product may be able to file a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer. Often, these cases seek compensation for the cost of the product itself, as well as any damage it caused to the consumer and his or her property.

We have separate sections on our websites for defective appliances and automobiles and construction and plumbing products. This page is for products that didn’t fit into one of those categories.

If you own any of these products, get in touch with us today and tell us your story. 

Top Investigations

Butane Stove Explosions
Butane Stove Explosions

It is believed that certain portable butane stoves or ranges, also known as camping stoves, pose a fire hazard.

Surge Protector Fires
Surge Protector Fires

Attorneys are investigating potential class action lawsuits over defective surge protectors, which may overheat, smoke, melt, and catch fire.

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