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Sep 25, 2014
Defective Medical Devices

Boston Scientific to Pay $73 Million: What's Next for TVM Suits?

Boston Scientific Corp. was hit with a $73.4 million verdict earlier this month after a jury found that the company's Obtryx transvaginal sling was defective and caused serious injuries.… More

Sep 17, 2014
Consumer Fraud

Outlet Stores Become Targets in False Advertising Class Actions

In 1970, the clothing manufacturer VF Corporation began selling its flawed and overstocked goods to the public for a discount. While the company previously reserved these items for employees… More

Sep 15, 2014
What You Need To Know

Concussion Injuries Have Americans Rethinking Professional Sports

September means the beginning of football season in the United States, but this year's season has been mired in more controversy than usual. Concerns over the dangers… More

Sep 15, 2014
What You Need To Know

Class Actions That Changed the Way We Travel

It's no secret that Americans love to travel. In 2013, we spent nearly $900 billion on travel-related expenses. Still, we've come to know and expect healthy competition… More

Sep 10, 2014
Important Rulings

Are Facebook 'Likes' Property?

Web presence is becoming more and more valuable as a way to engage with people at all levels – and this is just as true for brands, such as TV shows, as it is for larger companies.… More

Sep 4, 2014
Labor & Employment

Piece-Rate Work: What Is It and When Is It Legal?

A recent wave of class action lawsuits filed in California alleges that the piece-rate method of paying employees violates federal and state wage and hour laws.… More

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