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Every day, innocent people are hurt, both physically and financially, due to the negligence and deceptive business practices of corporations and large institutions. Here at ClassAction.org, we give victims the tools they need to fight back: knowledge and access. This is the place where you can learn about class action lawsuits and mass tort litigation and connect with the attorneys that are handling these cases.

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Apr 16, 2014
What You Need To Know

Class Action Lawsuits That Changed the Internet

by Simon Clark

It's not just those directly involved that benefit from class action lawsuits. While certain cases might seem to have a very limited impact (if you don't use, for example, Suave Keratin Hair… More

Apr 15, 2014
What You Need To Know

You Can't Get in Trouble for Participating in a Class Action Lawsuit

by Simon Clark

The law can be pretty complicated, and it's fair to say that misunderstandings – even myths – about lawsuits are common. However, a lot of these worries are unfounded… More

Apr 14, 2014
Labor & Employment

Background Check Lawsuit Faces Problems as EEOC Pushes To Make Changes

by Simon Clark

Everyone deserves an equal chance when searching for a new job, and discrimination – whether it's based on gender, age, race, or another protected characteristic – is illegal in the United States.… More

Apr 11, 2014
Product Liability

Where Regulations Fail, Lawsuits Prevail – Just Look at the GM Scandal

by Simon Clark

General Motors' massive recall now extends to several million vehicles. With the company's CEO, Mary Barra, appearing twice before a Congressional hearing last week… More

Apr 11, 2014
What You Need To Know

Are Class Action Lawsuit Settlements Taxable?

by Simon Clark

It's tax season in the United States, and the April 15th deadline is quickly approaching. You're responsible for accurately recording and submitting your income tax assessments… More

Apr 9, 2014
Dangerous Drugs

Whopping $9 Billion Verdict Hits Takeda, Eli Lilly Over Actos Cancer Claims

by Simon Clark

A federal jury in Louisiana has ordered Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd and Eli Lilly & Co. to pay a staggering $9 billion in damages over allegations that the companies' diabetes medication, Actos… More

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