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Jul 22, 2016
What You Need To Know

Class Actions That Changed the Way You Work Out

The case highlights the role class action lawsuits play in shaping how fitness gadgets are made and sold – and, not to mention, the wider role of lawsuits in changing how we work and play.… More

Jul 22, 2016
What You Need To Know

Class Action Roundup – July 22

Apple is facing a class action lawsuit for replacing its devices with refurbished units under AppleCare+. According to the suit, the practice of replacing its customers' damaged devices with refurbished ones goes against the AppleCare+ contract.… More

Jul 22, 2016
What You Need To Know

News in Brief July 22 – Archer Daniels, Pizza Hut and More

Archer Daniels Midland Co. has been accused of selling feed that was poisonous for horses. The proposed class action claims that the horse feed was contaminated with a chemical additive (monensin) that increases the weight and market value of cattle, but causes health problems in horses.… More

Jul 21, 2016
Labor & Employment

Life Time Fitness Under Fire, Group Instructors Sue

As you can probably imagine, most folk like to be paid for the work they do. Well, the workers at Life Time Fitness are no exception.… More

Jul 20, 2016
What You Need To Know

News in Brief July 20 – Hooters, Theranos and More

Hooters is looking at a proposed class action that claims the restaurant chain failed to pay employees proper overtime wages. Under Hooters' policy, employees don't qualify for overtime. The lawsuit, however, claims that this policy directly violates Fair Labor Standards Act.… More

Jul 19, 2016
What You Need To Know

News in Brief July 19 – Volkswagen, Audi, WWE and More

World Wrestling Entertainment and owner/founder Vince McMahon have been hit with another lawsuit claiming they negligently put wrestlers at risk for frequent head injuries.… More

Jul 18, 2016
What You Need To Know

News in Brief July 18 – McAfee, Herbalife and More

McAfee has agreed to pay $80 million to settle a proposed class action that claimed it illegally auto-renewed customers' subscriptions at prices that were higher than advertised. According to the suit, McAfee also marketed its discounts using incorrect past price references.… More

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