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Every day, innocent people are hurt, both physically and financially, due to the negligence and deceptive business practices of corporations and large institutions. Here at ClassAction.org, we give victims the tools they need to fight back: knowledge and access. This is the place where you can learn about class action lawsuits and mass tort litigation and connect with the attorneys that are handling these cases.

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Feb 27, 2015
What You Need To Know

Class Action Roundup – February 27

It was another busy week in the world of consumer protection lawsuits. Here's our roundup of the most talked about cases and settlements.… More

Feb 20, 2015
What You Need To Know

Class Action Roundup – February 20, 2015

Despite the deep freeze much of the country experienced this week, the halls of justice were bustling with activity. Here's your weekly dose of class action news.… More

Feb 19, 2015
What You Need To Know

Gawker Balks at Use of Social Media To Notify Unpaid Interns of #Lawsuit

Gawker Media has built a wildly successful business out of what is, essentially, micro-blogging supported by social media. Like all companies, Gawker has its downsides… More

Feb 18, 2015

A New Food Safety Agency Could Save The Sluggish FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a lumbering, ineffectual beast. The systems set in place to regulate medical devices don't work, rules intended to ensure good food… More

Feb 13, 2015
What You Need To Know

Class Action Roundup – February 13, 2015

Every week, we bring you the latest and most interesting cases making the news. It's been another good week for class action controversies… More

Feb 6, 2015
What You Need To Know

Class Action Roundup – February 6

What's been happening in legal news this week? A lot, it turns out. It's time for another ClassAction.org weekly roundup.… More

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