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Faux-Natural: A Visual Guide to "Natural Food" Lawsuits

Here at ClassAction.org, we’ve been paying close attention to a new wave of litigation. Recently, a number of popular food and drink manufacturers have been hit with class action lawsuits over allegations that their products’ labels are misleading consumers. With Kashi’s recent $5 million settlement to resolve claims that it falsely advertised some of its products as “all natural,” these suits show no sign of slowing down.

We’ve blogged about Cargill’s agreement to settle claims that it misled consumers when labeling its Truvia sweetener as “all natural,” questioned whether companies are tricking consumers in using the term “evaporated cane juice” instead of sugar on ingredient labels, and explored false advertising claims against Arm & Hammer, FritoLay, TRESemme and Blue Diamond. 

We’ve also covered reaction from government agencies that are now dealing with allegations that certain products are not living up to their advertised claims. We broke down the battle between the FTC and Pom Wonderful, LLC, and addressed whether the FDA should make the call on whether “cane juice” counts as sugar.

With dozens of suits already on file and growing attention as to what the term “natural” actually means, we’ve created a visualization showing which major manufacturers are facing allegations that they falsely advertised their products. Some suits have already settled, while others are just getting started. So, is your favorite company subject to a class action? Read on to find out.

A special thanks to professor Donna Byrne at William Mitchell College of Law for her input!

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