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Uponor Lawsuits Allege PEX Plumbing Caused Serious Problems and Water Damage to Properties

This Alert Affects:

Consumers whose homes, businesses, or other properties were damaged after their Uponor PEX plumbing systems failed.

Reported Problems
Cracking or bursting, water damage, low water pressure.
Uponor, Inc. and Radiant Technology, Inc. (RTI)
When Did Consumers First Report This Problem?
As early as April 2006, Uponor started receiving reports of problems involving its PEX plumbing systems. The company allegedly replaced or repaired plumbing systems found in "properties owned by customers of certain large home builders," but failed to offer these services to its other customers.
Type of Lawsuit
Class Action

Lawsuits filed against Uponor allege the brass fittings used on its PEX plumbing systems are defective and can crack, burst, and fail prematurely. Property owners claim they were forced to make expensive repairs to their homes after their PEX plumbing systems failed and their walls, floors, and other personal items were damaged. According to the lawsuits, Uponor has previously admitted its brass fittings were defective and could cause property damage; however, the distributor allegedly failed to provide adequate compensation to property owners whose homes, businesses, or other residential properties were damaged by the defective brass fittings.

If you believe your property has been damaged by faulty plumbing parts from Uponor, you may be entitled to compensation. Attorneys are currently reviewing legal claims against the distributor and would like to hear from anyone who believes they may have Uponor’s allegedly defective fittings installed in their homes. 

Property Owners File a Class Action Lawsuit Against Uponor

Property owners across the country are currently taking part in a class action lawsuit against Uponor. The suit alleges the distributor knew the brass fittings used in its PEX plumbing system were defective, but continued to distribute the product. The plaintiffs also claim Uponor deceptively advertised its PEX systems and violated its warranties when they tried to have their systems replaced or repaired.

Uponor’s warranty for the PEX plumbing system guarantees the company will cover the cost of repairs or replace any faulty plumbing parts, according to the class action lawsuit. Some plaintiffs allege Uponor breached its warranty by refusing to pay for damage they incurred as a result of the PEX plumbing system. Others accuse the distributor of refusing to replace the allegedly defective fittings already installed in their homes.

Prior to the class action, Uponor filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the brass fittings, Unique Industrial Product Company, where the distributor admitted that the brass fittings were defective and “unreasonably dangerous” due to “poor micro-structures and preexisting cracks.” According to Uponor’s lawsuit, these preexisting conditions rendered the products unfit for the “expected and ordinary” purposes for which they were meant. It has been alleged that Uponor also admitted in public statements and internal documents that the brass fittings were defective.

Do I Have PEX Plumbing?

Consumers who believe they may have Uponor’s PEX system installed in their properties should look for stamped markings on the brass fittings that read “P Pex” or “MB Pex.” The brass fittings will not be stamped with company names “Uponor” or “RTI,” the distributor’s wholly-owned subsidiary.

What Problems Are Being Caused by Uponor’s PEX Plumbing?

Property owners allege that failure of their Uponor PEX plumbing system caused water to leak from the pipes, which in turn damaged walls, floors, and personal items. In some cases, the pipes leaked or caused other problems just months after the systems were installed. One plaintiff even experienced leaks on several occasions. In this case, Uponor offered to compensate the homeowner for the cost of the damage, but allegedly refused to replace the other brass fittings in his home.

What’s Causing These Problems?

Traditionally, copper pipes are used in plumbing systems; however, Uponor’s PEX plumbing system is made with cross-linked polyethylene (“PEX”) or plastic. Brass fittings connect the plastic tubing where it crosses, and a crimp and stainless steel clamp is used to create a seal between the tubing and brass fittings. According to the class action lawsuit, the brass fittings consist of a higher-than-normal level of zinc. When the zinc comes in contact with water, a reaction known as dezincification can occur, and cause the fittings to fail prematurely. The suit also alleges that improper manufacturing has made the brass fittings susceptible to stress-corrosion cracking.

If you incurred property damage after your plumbing system failed, Class Action lawyers would like you to know that you still have time to file a claim against Uponor.

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