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Entran Heating Hose Problems

This Alert Affects:

People who have hydronic (water-powered) in-floor radiant heating systems or snowmelt systems using Entran 3 hoses installed in their homes or businesses.

What Are Entran 3 Radiant Heating Hoses?
These hoses are permanently affixed beneath flooring to act as an alternative to traditional heating systems. They can also be used to melt snow when installed beneath walkways, driveways and athletic fields.
What Is the Problem?
Multiple lawsuits have been filed alleging that Entran 3 radiant heating hoses can leak or fail prematurely, which can prevent heat conduction and damage property.
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.
Type of Lawsuit
Class Action

Property and business owners have filed multiple lawsuits alleging that Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company manufactured faulty hoses for hydronic under-floor radiant heating systems sold through Chiles Power Supply, Heatway Radiant Floors and Snowmelting. The Entran 3 hoses can allegedly become brittle and break, which can cause the heated liquid inside the hoses to leak and damage surrounding property, ultimately rendering the heating systems useless. As a result of an alleged defect within the hoses, property owners claim to have spent thousands of dollars repairing damaged property and replacing their under-floor heating systems and are now suing Goodyear to recover compensation for these costs.

Do you have hydronic in-floor radiant heating in your home? Do you have questions about your legal rights? Contact us today for more information on these class action lawsuits. You may be entitled to compensation for any problems caused by your Entran 3 hoses.

Where Are Entran Hoses Used?

Entran 3 hoses are the main heating component in hydronic in-floor radiant heating systems. Radiant heating systems are used indoors to heat floors and contribute to the overall heat throughout the property. When used indoors, these systems can be installed beneath wooden floors, tile and even rugs.

These hoses can also be used in snowmelting systems, which can be found on roofs, walkways, driveways and athletic fields.

What Problems Are Entran Hoses Causing?

Under-floor heating problems associated with these allegedly defective hoses include leaks, water damage, moisture buildup, mold growth and cold floors. According to one class action lawsuit, though, “the defects in the Entran 3 hose are latent and not detectable until manifestation, and due to the locations in homes where Entran 3 hose is foreseeably placed and hidden from view, defects are difficult to detect.” As a result, property owners suing Goodyear claim that they just recently discovered their in-floor heating systems failed, even though the systems were installed nearly 10 years ago.

What Are the Lawsuits Saying About Entran Hoses?

The lawsuits allege:

  • Entran 3 hoses are defective in design and manufacture

  • Under normal conditions, the inner layer of Entran 3 hoses can become brittle and crack, resulting in leaks and damage to surrounding floors, walls and ceilings

  • Goodyear has full knowledge of the potential liabilities accompanying the design and manufacture of the Entran 3 hose

  • Goodyear failed to perform adequate tests to determine the lifespan of its Entran 3 hoses

  • Entran 3 hoses fail well before their warranted lifespan

  • Other hoses in similar radiant heating systems used throughout the country have not exhibited the same problems as Goodyear’s Entran 3 hoses

  • Goodyear continues to mislead property owners by indicating on their website that these problems are the result of improper system design, installation or maintenance

The class action lawsuits are seeking compensation for the cost of replacing under-floor heating systems and repairing damaged property.

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Helmer et al. v. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Complaint
Case number 1:12-cv-0685, U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado